About AltChatr

Learn about AltChatr right here!  Welcome to AltChatr.com! We are a free alternative adult chat and social networking site. Our admins work around the clock to make sure our chat software delivers the best adult chat and social networking experience available anywhere on the Internet. Create a free adult chat account and check it out. Meet sexy alternative adults at any time of the day or night. Our chat room is mobile-friendly, so take us whenever you want!

So, What Else Does AltChatr Do For Me?

AltChatr is a chat site designed for the alternative adults who want to chit-chat about sexy, kinky things. You won’t find lame, vanilla sexting going on here. Sometimes, us kinksters just need a place to go to fantasize with other people who also think outside of the box. So what kind of things are okay to talk about and what aren’t? Let’s take a look at a small list we’ve compiled of things you should and should not do in the chat.

Please Do :

  1. Consent is sexy, ask for it!. If someone is not interested in chatting about a certain topic, or interested in chatting at all, take the news with a grain of salt. In other words, be respectful of those who don’t share your kinks or who are not interested in chatting.
  2. Be open about what you like. Someone here likes it also and you don’t want to miss out on that chemistry.
  3. Treat others with the utmost respect. You and everyone else deserve nothing but respect. Don’t give or settle for anything less.

Please Do NOT:

  1. Do not force your opinions on someone else. If they don’t like the same kink you do, just move along and find someone who does. All (legal) kinks are created equal.
  2. Do not talk about kinks that involve illegal activity. That will get you removed and banned immediately. If you enjoy certain types of role play, please specify that so we know you’re not involved in illegal activity.
  3. Last, but not least,  please be courteous of others. We all have different thoughts and opinions. We’re not all going to agree all the time. If you disagree, just simply move on to something you enjoy.

Have fun my fellow kinksters!